International Cooperation

Cooperation with foreign universities and professional institutions is a priority for the Faculty of Law. It participates in the Erasmus+ Programme and has gradually established a high-quality network of partner universities, sending selected students for study as well as work internships to these partners and receiving their students for study or internships in Olomouc. At present the Faculty of Law cooperates with more than fifty foreign universities or faculties.

Foreign university students may attend the Faculty of Law in Olomouc, not only in the exchange programmes or degree programmes accredited in English (Master and Doctoral degree programme in international and European law), but also in internships, summer schools or professional post-graduate LL.M. courses.

Researchers and scholars from foreign institutions and foreign professionals are welcome at the Faculty for international conferences, lectures and teaching.

Detailed information for degree seeking students and study applicants are available at

Partner Institutions within the Erasmus+ Programme


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Vice-Dean for Foreign Affairs

JUDr. Martin Faix, Ph.D., MJI
+420 585 63 7684

Assistants in the Foreign Affairs Department

Radana Kuncová
+420 585 63 7675

Mgr. Tetiana Arkhangelska, PhD.
+420 585 637 514

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