Doctoral students

Ph.D. in International and European Law is a 3 years post-graduate study programme open to qualified graduate students providing them with the opportunity to acquire research and analytical skills, broaden professional perspectives and enhance their knowledge in the field of International and European law.

Short guide

Enrolment for studies

At the beginning of doctoral studies, each doctoral student must formally register (fill in an enrolment form) for attendance or non-attendance. Enrolment takes place in the International Office of the Faculty of Law. Students are informed about the date for enrolment in due time by email. If a student cannot to enrol in studies on the given date, he/she can apply for an alternative date.

After the enrolment, students receive a login and a password. The login and the password are the same for all university systems, such as:

Identification cards

After enrolment in studies students can apply for a student identification card which can be either a standard "blue" university card or an ISIC-card. More information about identification cards is available here: The identification card is necessary for using the university library, the university canteen and other services.

Length of study

The standard length of the doctoral study programme "International and European Law" is 3 years. Students may ask for prolongation of their studies. The decision on the prolongation is made by the Dean of the Faculty of Law upon formal request from the student. The maximum length of the doctoral study programme is 6 years.

Study records

The course of study and results of all exams taken for each student are kept in the electronic study records system - UP Study Agenda on


After the topic assignment of the doctoral dissertation students are obliged to upload information on their doctoral dissertation to IS/STAG via the portal "UP Study Agenda" on

Instructions for upload of information are provided in the Attachment No. 1 of the UP internal regulation "Topic Assignment, Submission and Registration of Data on the Bachelor's Thesis, Master's Thesis, Dissertation, and State Comprehensive (Rigorosum) Exam, and the Means of Public Presentation - R-B-17/08".

Interruption of studies/withdrawal from studies

Upon student´s request, the Dean may allow the doctoral student to interrupt his/her studies. Reasons of interruption may include e.g. serious health problems or other reasons of serious nature. As a rule, studies can only be interrupted for the period of whole semesters. After the interruption of studies has been terminated, the student is obliged to enrol again in order to continue his/her studies. The total of interruption period shall not exceed 3 years. A doctoral student who decides to terminate his/her studies shall notify the Dean thereof without undue delay.

Credit system, control of study and individual study plan

A student of the Doctoral Study Programme "International and European Law" is obliged to obtain 180 ECTS credits in the course of the whole study. Compliance with this obligation is a prerequisite for admission to the State Doctoral Examination and graduation.

Students are required to acquire a minimum of 40 credits during each academic year or such a number of credits, which would together with the credits acquired in the previous academic year, reach a minimum of 80 credits. Failure to fulfil the obligations constitute grounds for the termination of studies.

By the end of each academic year, students must submit an annual review of their individual study plan, which shows the stage of fulfilment of the student´s study obligations within the stated time period. The form of the individual study plan is available on the website of the Faculty of Law.

The deadline for the fulfilment of study requirements (including submission of the annual review) for an academic year falls on the beginning of September of the following academic year. Students should make sure to check and to know the relevant dates (start/end of academic year, etc.).

State doctoral examination, submission and defence of the dissertation

Graduation in the PhD program presupposes

  • passing of the State Doctoral Examination and
  • defence of submitted doctoral dissertation.

After the student has fulfilled all study requirements of his/her curriculum, an application for the State Doctoral Examination, including the Supervisor's report, shall be filed with the Dean through the International Office of the Faculty of Law

Students must submit their doctoral thesis in hard and electronic copy AND upload the thesis in the electronic form to IS/STAG. Instructions for submission are provided in the Attachment No. 3 of the UP internal regulation "Topic Assignment, Submission and Registration of Data on the Bachelor's Thesis, Master's Thesis, Dissertation, and State Comprehensive (Rigorosum) Exam, and the Means of Public Presentation - R-B-17/08".

As for the defence of the doctoral dissertation, students fill in an application with the the International Office of the Faculty of Law. As a part of the application, they attach the Supervisor's statement confirming that the doctoral dissertation meets the requirements for its defence. The dissertation and the presentation in hard and electronic copies shall also be attached to the application.

Formal requirements for final papers at the Faculty of Law of Palacký University are stipulated in the document "Internal Standard of the Dean of the Faculty of Law of Palacký University in Olomouc on the Formal Requirements for Qualification Theses at the Faculty of Law of Palacký University in Olomouc - PF-B-18/10".

Scholarships and bursary opportunities

The Palacký University in Olomouc and the Faculty of Law offer various scholarships and bursaries to doctoral students to support their doctoral studies. Full information on scholarship opportunities is available here:

Student mobility

International experience and mobility of doctoral students is desired and strongly recommended. Students may make use of the offer of international exchange programmes (e.g. Erasmus+). The length of a study/research abroad period can range from 3 to 12 months. Selection procedure usually takes place twice a year - in December (for the winter and summer semester of the next academic year) and in September (for the summer semester of the respective academic year). The selection procedure is administrated online on For more information on Erasmus+ programme and other possibilities (such as internships, etc.) please contact the International Office of the Faculty of Law.

Formal requirements for writing theses

Links to important documents

The Study and Examination Code of the Palacký University, the regulations mentioned and other regulations and forms concerning PhD programme can be found on the website of the Faculty of Law in the "Student" section here:


Contact the International Office of the Faculty of Law:

Palacký University in Olomouc
Faculty of Law
International Office
17. listopadu 8
771 11 Olomouc
Czech Republic

Mrs. Radana Kuncová
+420 585 63 7675

Mrs. Tetiana Arkhangelska
+420 585 63 7514

Study plans

Study plan for students who enrolled in 2018/2019

Study plan for students who enrolled in 2019/2020 and later

Scholarship, grants and competitions

Bursaries, grants and competitions for PhD students at the Faculty of Law

The Palacký University aims to attract excellent students, regardless of their origin and financial ability. Doctoral students of the Faculty of Law can apply for various scholarships and grants which would support their studies and research.

J. L. Fischer Scholarship

  • scholarship of the Faculty of Law for doctoral students
  • financial support of up to CZK 150,000
  • may be awarded more than once
  • more information on

PF-B-18/7 - Internal Standard of the Dean of the Faculty of Law of Palacký University in Olomouc on the J. L. Fischer Scholarship to Support Study in the Foreign-Language Study Programme

StartUP grants 2023/2024

  • to start doctoral studies
  • grant of up to CZK 80,000
  • possibility to follow with an IGA project

StartUP grants announcement 2023/2024



  • competition for the best scientific work of students of the Faculty of Law
  • bursary of up to CZK 20,000 and representation of the faculty in the finals of the competition
  • set forth annually

SVOČ Announcement 2024

Endowment Fund of Palacký University Competition

  • support of scientific-research and artistic activities which have an international dimension
  • financial support according to project needs
  • one-year projects
  • more information on

Visegrad Scholarship Program

  • Visegrad scholarships support Master and post-Master students and researchers in all disciplines and in any language for up to four semesters at more than 190 higher education institutions across Central and Eastern Europe
  • both citizens of the Visegrad and non-Visegrad countries may apply for the scholarship
  • more information available on

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