The International Young Lawyers' Debate Olomouc will be held on October 11 - 12, 2019 in the Fort Science Olomouc. The Conference takes place annually and represents one of the most important event in the area of scientific life at the Faculty of Law in Olomouc.

The conference consists of two parts, as usual. Prominent experts such as JUDr. Jan Grinc, Ph.D. (Charles University Prague), JUDr. David Hejč, Ph.D. (Masaryk University Brno) and doc. JUDr. Marianna Novotná, Ph.D. (Trnava University) will participate in the plenary session. The second part takes place in thematic sections.

We believe that the 13th year of the International Young Lawyers' Debate Olomouc will be at least as successful as in the previous years and that this conference will lead to a very lively and fruitful scientific debate again.

Conference program

Topic of the 13th Year: Challenges of Democracy

Detailed program of the conference and discussions in individual sections pdf

Instructions for Participants

Electronic application form is available here, please send it no later than on 31st August 2019. The Young Lawyers' Debate Olomouc enjoys the wide participation of the legal profession every year, so if you are interested in taking part in the 13th Year, do not hesitate and register on time. Please note that only complete applications will be accepted. A complete application is such an application in which all the required information, including the title of the paper and annotation are listed. The program will be designed to allow for the proper presentation of the paper and subsequent discussion therefore the organizers reserve the right to select from the registered papers those that will be included in the conference program for presentation according to their annotations.

Even this year, we would like to create space for the strengthening of professional and friendly relations, which has already become an integral part of this conference. In addition to scholarly papers and discussions, it will also be possible to attend the social evening on Friday, which will begin with a banquet at the conference venue with a follow-up in a restaurant in Olomouc. Please confirm your interest in participating in the informal follow-up of the conference in the registration form so that we know how many people we should make a reservation for.

Instructions for Authors of Papers

The output of the conference will be joint proceedings in the form of an e-book. For instructions on processing the papers, please contact Mgr. Zuzana Řezníčková, Ph.D. ( It is necessary to send the paper together with a review of your supervisor or other scholar to no later than on 30th October 2019. The review shall contain a conclusion whether the paper is recommended for publication, recommended for publication after revision, or not recommended for publication. If the paper is not delivered in the form according to the above-mentioned instructions, the participant will be asked to correct or supplement the paper. If he/she does not do so within the time limit set by the organizing team, his/her contribution will not be included in the proceedings. Similarly, papers submitted after the deadline above will not be accepted for publication in the proceedings.


The conference takes place in the Fort Science Olomouc


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779 00 Olomouc

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Payment details

The conference fee is CZK 1,700 or € 67 (the conference fee does NOT include accommodation and the participants arrange and pay for it themselves). The conference fee includes refreshment during coffee breaks, a banquet on Friday evening and Friday and Saturday lunch. The conference fee shall be paid by bank transfer according to the information below. We do not accept cash payments. The payment shall be made on 31st August 2019 at the latest. We do not refund or reimburse fees. If you need an invoice for the sending institution, please include Company Registration Number (IČO) and Tax Registration Number (DIČ) of the sending institution in the application form. Each participant will receive a confirmation of the performed payment and confirmation of participation in the conference at the venue.

Information for payment of the conference fee:


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doc. JUDr. Olga Pouperová, Ph.D.

JUDr. Tereza Chadimová

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Mgr. Zuzana Řezníčková, Ph.D.


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