Jean Monnet Chair

Title: EU Economic Integration in the global perspective

Holder: Assoc. prof. Vaclav Stehlik, LL.M., Ph.D.

Associate prof. in EU law
Head of the Department of International and European Law

The Jean Monnet Chair was created due to the financial support of the European Commission [No 565045-EPP-1-2015-1-CZ-EPPJMO-CHAIR]. It is instituted at the Department of International and European Law, Faculty of Law, Palacky University in Olomouc. This incorporation enables a close cooperation with other academics dealing with European and international law.

Mission of the Chair in brief

The mission of the Jean Monnet Chair "The EU Economic Integration in Global Perspective" is to enhance tuition and research on EU economic integration, its social and fundamental rights dimension with emphasis on global context. This mission is based on the current changes of economic and social factors both in the EU and globally. The changes strongly influence existing national and EU rules and create tensions in European society. The Chair in its activities focuses on most actual issues of EU integration stemming from current developments in EU, such as current challenges to intra-Union migration, social legislation and growing call for new regulation of EU free movement rules. It reflects changes caused by continuous integration of world economies and collateral problems (WTO rules and EU disputes, new EU regulation of foreign investments, EU economic sanctions and their effects on EU economy) and by immigration (immigration based on EU external treaties, EU asylum system, illegal immigration).

Activities of the Chair in general

The Chair is mainly a project focusing on the reform of EU law tuition at the Faculty of Law. Thus it gradually focuses on:

  • innovation of the current EU focused tuition, such as courses on EU Internal market, EU Competition law, EU External Relations
  • new tuition, namely courses on EU Public Procurement Law, EU Migration law and EU Social Law. These courses have been introduced in the regular tuition of various master programmes at the Law Faculty. Enhanced formation of Ph.D. students. A regular term workshop is run, including invited external experts
  • a special training students for EU moot court competitions
  • introduction of debating activities with experts from legal practice and academia on actual issues of EU integration
  • creation of new or revised study materials in selected courses, including English courses.

An important part of Chair's activities is the increase of internationalisation of the tuition. In that regard selected subjects and outcomes are taught in English.

Recent activities of the Chair

Selected publications

  • Petr, M. Czech Republic. In: PISZCZ, A. Implementation of the EU Damages Directive in Central and Eastern European Countries. University of Warsaw Faculty of Management Press, 2017, ISBN 978-83-65402-52-3, s. 85 - 108
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  • Petr, M. On-site Inspections Performed by Competition Authorities and the Protection of Fundamental Rights. In: LOOIJESTIJN-CLEARIE, A.; RUSU, C. A.; VEENBRINK, M. Boosting the Enforcement of EU Competition Law at the Domestic Level. Cambridge Scholars Publishing, 2017, p. 52 - 70
  • Petr, M. Znamená vstup do Evropské unie rozdělení trvajícího nebo pokračujícího deliktu? Právní rozhledy, 2017, č. 3, s. 82 - 88 
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  • Circolo, A., Hamuľák, O., Blažo, O.: Article 50 of the Treaty on European Union - How to Understand the 'right' of the Member State to Withdraw the European Union? In: Ramiro Troitino, D.; Kerikmäe, T.; Chochia, A. (Eds.) (2017). Brexit - History, Reasoning and Perspectives. Springer International Publishing, 2018
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  • Stehlík, V. (ed.): Studie z migračního práva EU, Iuriducum olomucense, 2018
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  • Stehlík, V (ed.).: Studie z evropského migračního práva, Iuridicum Olomucense, 2018

Further research activities under the Chair

Under the auspices of the Chair several research project were successfully submitted by the members of the Chair, namely:

  • "Postavení osob ze třetích zemí v právu Evropské unie" [Status of third country nationals in EU law], implementation in 2017-2019; principal investigator: assoc. prof. Vaclav Stehlik
  • "Status dětí v azylovém řízení z pohledu evropského práva" [Status of children in EU asylum law], implementation in 2017-2018; assoc. prof. Vaclav Stehlik
  • "Listina základních práv EU v judicature ústavních soudů" [EU Charter of Fundamental Rights before Constitutional Courts - a comparative analysis], implementation in 2017-2019, principal investigator: Dr. Hamuľák

Selected guest lecturers

Several guest lecturers are invited every year. In previous years they included personalities form European judiciary, EU institutions or academic. Among others:

  • Dr. Jan Passer, Judge at the General Court CJEU, an invited lecture on the current CJEU reforms
  • Dr. Michal Bobek, Advocate General, CJEU, leader of Ph.D. workshops
  • Assoc. prof. Pavel Svoboda, Head of the legislative committee of the EU Parliament, lectures in the Internal Market course
  • Prof. Pavel Šturma, Head of the Department of International Law, Charles University in Prague, Member of the UN Commission for international law, participated in a Ph.D. workshop
  • Prof. Dalibor Jílek, Paneuropean University in Bratislava, member of the European Commission against Racism and Intolerance, Council of Europe, co-leader of a Ph.D. workshop

Task Group on Migration

Due to the current developments the Chair decided to create a special Task Group on Migration [TAGOM], instituted at the Chair. The group started its activities in 2017 and it focuses on the research of various issues of regular and irregular migration. The group consist of both academics as well as doctoral students who are preparing their dissertation theses on migration issues.

Coordinator: Assoc. prof. Vaclav Stehlik


  • Prof. Dalibor Jílek, co-coordinator of research
  • Irena Drdúlová, Ph.D. researcher on asylum
  • Martina Delinčáková, Ph.D. research on family reunification
  • Ondřej Fiala, Ph.D. research on expulsion of irregular migrants

The TAGOM has regular sessions focusing on actual developments in the areas under research. It organised a conference on the rights of child in EU migration law in May 2018; a book on the issue will be published at the beginning of 2019.

Envisaged events


  • Conference on human rights protection in cooperation with partner universities in Poland, Russia, France and Brasil, 13-14 December 2018
    contact person: Dr. Pavel Bureš,

Academics, students and expert public are invited to participate at all activities of the Chair.

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